Warped Wall - Ninja Warrior

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The iconic Warped Wall of Ninja Warrior fame. This is a favorite for kids and adults to conquer. 

Ours are made to exceedingly high standards of craftsmanship and quality for years of safe, durable fun. 

Ranging from the 8' Junior all the way up to the 14' behemoth, these walls will challenge anyone from the youngest ninja to the most seasoned athlete. 

Each wall is custom made to order and has the following options:

  • Ladder - Choose from a simple wooden ladder to our unique climbing hold system
  • Climbing wall back - Available as an option on any wall, may require extra anchoring and padding. 
  • Top Lip - optional top lip makes the wall more accessible for those still working on their grip strength
  • Top Rail - required for residential outdoor applications, optional for gym build with other neighboring obstacles
  • Grab Bar(s) - Includes one grab bar which can be used for incremental training, for example a grab bar can be set at 9' on an 11' wall.
  • Anchoring - Different wall sizes have different requirements, for indoors we recommend interior weighting with sandbags (hidden inside the wall) and for exterior they can be cemented in the ground or sandbagged

Delivery: We will deliver and install your wall for $2 per mile from zip 22652 as specified by google maps. Minimum charge is $250. Optional anchoring may affect installation prices. 

Shown is our 11' Warped wall loaded with all 4 options:

  • Climbing Hold Ladder
  • Grab Bar set at 9 feet
  • Top Railing
  • Top Grab Lip