Terms and Conditions

At American Parkour we strive to provide high quality training gear and apparel that you will love, stuff that will motivate you go train more often and share your experiences with others. 

We strive to be a contributing part of the parkour community. We host events, run training centers, and even give away free gear to help other's events be more successful and fun.


With this in mind, we make offers available from time to time. Unless expressly stated:

  • Sales have a limit of one item per person.
  • Contest winners are allowed to re-enter subsequent contests in that same category, but they are not eligible to win for a four-month period.
  • Coupon usage is at the sole discretion of American Parkour Store and coupons may be refused at any time for any reason. 
  • Coupons are usually generated with a specific offer, person, or qualifying group in mind. If you do not meet the qualifications, coupon will not be honored.
  • Coupons are generally for APK Branded items only and do not apply to shoes and gear which we do not produce.
  • Coupons and discounts do not apply to parkour training equipment or to bundles.
  • Bundles are not subject to substitutions, sales, or promotions
  • Discounts and coupons cannot be combined with other special offers. Usage of a coupon in combination with a sale may not be honored at the sole discretion of American Parkour Company.
  • Prices published in error may or may not be honored at the sole discretion of American Parkour Company.
  • Free shipping offers may not be honored if available shipping methods cost more than 50% higher than international averages.

For international orders:

  • Some countries may charge duties, taxes, and charges on imports. They are not included in the item's price or shipping cost as they vary from country to country (please check your local laws). Import charges are the buyer's responsibility - American Parkour is not responsible for import duties.
  • Any order returned based on unpaid import duties will have any shipping fees (plus a handling fee) deducted from any refund granted.

Thanks for your support of the APK Store and American Parkour!