Support American Parkour's World Chase Tag Team

Support American Parkour's World Chase Tag Team

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Support Team APK

American Parkour's Chase Tag Team "APK Blue" will be one of several teams representing the United States in April 2024 at the World Chase Tag World Championships  Our team has trained hard and worked hard, and finally after 3 full years of the highest level of competition, have earned their spot on the international stage, 

Travel Expenses: A Significant Challenge

One of the major challenges faced by the American Parkour's World Chase Tag Team is the high cost of travel. Participating in international competitions involves significant expenses, including airfare, local transportation, meals, and accommodation. 100% of the donations goes towards covering these costs, ensuring that the team can focus on their performance without worrying about financial constraints. If we meet our stretch goal, the players will also be reimbursed for their time off work.

The Importance of Donations

Donations play a crucial role in sustaining and promoting the sport of Parkour and Chase Tag at a global level. The American Parkour's World Chase Tag Team, like many sports teams, relies on financial assistance to cover their essential expenses. These include travel costs, accommodation, training time and equipment. Donations help secure the team's ability to participate in the World Chase Tag competitions, providing them with the necessary resources to perform at their best.

We need you

Professional parkour athletes currently do not have a way to earn an income from their sport. As parkour competitions and Chase Tag grow we hope to see this change, but until then we need your support. 


Any donation amount is appreciated.

If you're able to donate $100, your name will go on our Team Practice Jersey, and you'll be able to buy the team Practice Jersey and Team Jersey at a significant discount. You'll receive a hand-signed letter of thanks from American Parkour Founder Mark Toorock. 

Donations of $500 will receive one of our team practice jerseys. You'll receive a framed thank you letter from the team. For those who wish, their contribution can be listed on a certificate for display.

Donations of $1,000 will receive three of our team practice jerseys or one of our Official Team Jerseys. You'll receive a framed thank-you letter from the team. For those who wish, their contribution can be listed on a certificate for display.

Our Team Sponsor of $5,000 will be represented at the World Championships and beyond, with your logo on our Official Team Jersey Sleeve. You'll receive one of our Team Jerseys, 3 practice jerseys, a framed thank-you letter from the team, and an official certificate of the sponsorship.

Let's Go APK Blue! 





* Please note that these donations are not tax deductible. Money will be distributed to athletes from American Parkour as reimbursements for expenses. If funds are used to cover athlete's time this will be taxable income to the athlete.