Precision Sticks - Jump and Balance Trainers

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Improve your balance in just minutes a day, or work on your jumping and landing technique.

Place them near other obstacles as a way to increase or decrease the difficulty of other challenges such as vaults and even flips. 

Grab a pair of our premium Precision Sticks and start training any time anywhere!

  • 100% recycled rubber base that is safe for hardwood and other floors, and has great grip on almost any surface.
  • Durable enough for outdoor use, recommended to store indoors
  • Available in  APK's signature Blue, Solar, and Magma
  • Perfect for home, schools, camps, parkour and gymnastic gyms

Hand made in the US by American Parkour, the leading manufacturer of parkour training equipment. Each Precision Stick is 22.5 Inches long, 6" wide,  2.5" tall, and weighs a hefty 5 pounds each.


APK Precision Trainer

Take Your Training Anywhere

Simple & Elegant

Designed for all skill levels

"Stick With It"

Parkour workout plan

Learn how to get the most out of your Precision Sticks with an easy to follow digital guide that'll take your jumps to the next level.

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