Parkour JumpStart™ Kit

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Our JumpStart™ Kit is the perfect setup to start parkour classes in your facility. 

This modular set of sturdy equipment can be configured in as many ways as your imagination allows to run classes for all ages and skill levels.

Our unique internal Konnex system allows for every component to be joined together using balance bars and balance beams. 

Conveniently stores in an area of just 17.5 Square feet. 

The JumpStart Parkour Kit includes:
(1) Yellow Cube - 32"x32"x32" with 5 Railports™ and 2 Megaplate™ attachment points
(1) Red Brick - 48"x24"x32" with 5 Railports™ and 3 Megaplate™ attachment points
(1) Tac Ramp - 32"x32"x32" with 1 Railport™ and 4 Megaplate™ attachment points
(1) Vault Box - 60"x32"x32" with 4 Railports™, 1 Megaplate™ and 2 Monorail™ attachment points
(1) APK Monobeam Balance Beam Compatible with our Monorail System 
(1) Set of MonoRail™ Legs
(12) APK Precision Sticks™
(1) Set of APK Lavarocks™
(2) 94" Balance Bar - powder-coated
(2) 72" Balance Bar - powder-coated
(1) 48" Konnector / Balance Bar - powder-coated
(1) Set of short Konnector bars (1) 4" (2) 6" (1) 12"
(1) Set of rail Konnector fittings - powder coated

All parts come fully assembled, painted or powder coated, and are guaranteed to be free from splinters and sharp edges. We call it "Lickproof" and if you've worked with kids, you know how important this is. 

Requires freight shipping, freight shipping will be quoted based on your address and sent as a separate invoice. 

Hand Made to Order. Production times vary based on orders in the queue. As of 3/18 We are currently accepting orders for immediate production. Production to delivery is typically 2-4 weeks.

Some images include pieces that are not included in the JumpStart™ Kit.