Custom Parkour / Ninja / OCR Rigs

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Custom Rigs from American Parkour, the leading manufacturer of parkour equipment.

The kit shown was built as two separate orders a year apart and was $6,000 total plus freight.

Our rigs can be custom tailored to work perfectly for training balance, strength, Parkour, Ninja Warrior, OCR, World Chase Tag, and Natural Movements like those taught by Ido Portal and MovNat. 

Please email with your ideas or specifications and we'll work with you to design the perfect rig for your needs. 

The structure will be delivered in APK blue powder-coated steel rails with galvanized fittings, and will include fittings and pipe to create "Ground stakes." It will provide adequate bracing to be strong and rigid, and will be fully tested at the APK workshop before leaving the facility.

Ships via Motor freight.  

Mark Toorock - Owner and rig designer has competed on American Ninja Warrior and made 2 parkour television shows. Mark is a level 2 certified MovNat instructor. He took 3rd place in Savage Race Pro / 100% completion. American Parkour is not affiliated in any way with MovNat or Ido Portal. We are affiliated with World Chase Tag and build the official course the Quad™.