World Chase Tag Quad™
World Chase Tag Quad™
World Chase Tag Quad™
World Chase Tag Quad™
World Chase Tag Quad™
World Chase Tag Quad™
World Chase Tag Quad™

World Chase Tag Quad™

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American Parkour builds the official Quad™ for World Chase Tag. 

You can have the official Quad™ at your location. Run events, and classes, and draw a whole new set of clients to your business!

**Please note that these are price estimates, Materials prices fluctuate daily and an accurate quote will be given once you place your order.** 

Hand Made to Order. Production times vary based on orders in the queue. 

This Quad™ is guaranteed to meet current World Chase Tag standards. We are the official and only licensed Quad™ builder in the Western Hemisphere.

Delivery and installation costs are not included. Quad™ must be installed by American Parkour, an Authorized World Chase Tag distributor. 

World Chase Tag License (not included) is $1,200 per year and is required to run World Chase Tag and WCT™ official events.

Price does not include mandatory Employee Certification of at $1,200 per employee, minimum 3 employees per location, 5 people per certification.

*Does Not Include flooring, banners, or graphics. Contact us for available options

Expected costs: 
Freight Delivery in USA: $2,500-$5,500
Installation: $2,000 plus Travel Costs. Time and materials will be billed for facility variations beyond "smooth, flat, open surface". 
Flooring (Optional) ~$7,000 for the competition Floor
Certification: $6,000 (Can be a shared cost, minimum per facility is $3,600)
Licensing: $100 per month prorated to the end of the calendar year

Due to high demand, we are booking installations on a first-come, first-served basis. Please purchase the "Quad™ Production Queue Deposit"  to hold your place in the production queue. 

Prices are FOB American Parkour in Edinburg, VA. Delivery and installation are extra, please call 1-844-472-7568 for complete pricing and availability. 

State sales tax of 5.3% will apply to all deliveries within Virginia, USA.

World chase tag

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