Precision Stick - Jump and Balance Trainer

  • 4000

APK Blue
Solar Yellow
Magma Magenta
10 Pack - APK Blue
10 Pack - 4 Blue, 3 Solar, 3 Magma

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Grab a pair of Precision Sticks and start training any time anywhere!

The new 2nd Generation APK "Precision Stick" jump and balance trainers come with a precision machined 100% recycled rubber base that is safe for hardwood and other floors and has great grip on almost any surface.

One edge has a 3/8" radius to replicate landing on a wall while the other has a 1/2" radius to replicate more natural objects. Once you train your sensitivity the difference can be felt.

Durable enough to use outside and safe enough to use inside, these trainers will keep you in top shape. Available in APK's Signature blue color, Solar and Magma. Hand made in USA with rubber from Canada and wood from varying locations. 22.5 Inches long, 6" wide and 2" tall, weighs a hefty 5 pounds each.

Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.



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