Precision Sticks - Jump and Balance Trainers

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2-Pack APK Blue
2-Pack Solar Yellow
2-Pack Magma

Grab a pair of our premium Precision Sticks and start training any time anywhere!

APK's Premium "Precision Sticks" jump and balance trainers come with a precision machined 100% recycled rubber base that is safe for hardwood and other floors, and has great grip on almost any surface.

The beveled edges, solid rubber base, and superior finishing are just some of the features that make these Precision Sticks a truly premium product. They are durable enough to use outside and safe to use inside, these trainers will keep you in top shape.

Available in the colorful paint-coated version (in APK's signature Blue, Solar, and Magma), as well as in Classic Wood (featuring the natural beauty of hand-crafted wood emblazoned with the APK logo by laser-wielding robots). 

Hand made in the US by American Parkour, the leading manufacturer of parkour training equipment. Each Precision Stick is 22.5 Inches long, 6" wide,  2.5" tall, and weighs a hefty 5 pounds each. 

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