Vault Box - Ultimate

Vault Box - Ultimate

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APK's signature piece.

We made the first parkour vault box back in 2006. This is our 6th generation design. The bottom line is you get our lightest, strongest, most versatile and durable box that can sit in a variety of configurations. On it's side as a Ninja Warrior Quad Step, upright as a vault box, and even on end when connected with rails.

Can be used to work on all of your vaults from the fundamental movements of parkour through very advanced tricking. Can be used as a tac ramp to launch flips when laid on it's side. Paired with another vault at a 90 degree angle the number of movement combinations becomes infinite. 

Features four internal rail connectors to create both high and low  balance and precision obstacles when paired with our standard Vault, Kid's vault,  Monolith TMA-1, Multicube, or Companion Cubes.

Slot on side is thoughtfully designed to accept standard 45 pound "bumper" weight plates for when applications require more stability, such as adults landing jumps launched from over 6' away. 

Handcrafted with exquisite workmanship in The Shenandoah Valley, Virginia USA.

48L X 32H X ~30W and approximately 90 pounds. 

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