Tribe Totem Zip-Up Hoodie

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Black - Gold

This cozy zip-up hoodie is perfect for all seasons. 

The Tribe stands as the epitome of hard work, hard training, and helping the community. As such, the arrow in the logo represents drive: the drive to progress, to inspire, to push forward. Below the arrow are footprints, left behind as a guide to share the knowledge gained through the journey, to share with others and aid them on their own path. The tip of the arrow is missing to represent a relentless drive to grow, our work never over, our journey never complete.

The Totem design, a variation of the classic Tribe logo, also features the ceremonial mask of protection and victory over obstacles. The third eye expresses wisdom throughout the journey and the pathway of the mind towards liberation. In other words, “Parkour is Freedom.”

Like all APK Apparel, comes hand embroidered from our headquarters in Washington, DC. 




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