Stay Fluid Water Bottle - Pledge to save our panet!

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For 2018 we hope to offer 50 free bottles to save as many as 87,000 disposable bottles in a year!

We'll be tracking the 50 people who join us for this initiative in 2018 in this facebook group. We hope you'll consider joining us and doing the planet a solid. 


To join the pledge, you must join the facebook group, and then use coupon code ONEORFEWER to pledge that by using your APK refillable bottle, you'll agree to use one or fewer disposable water bottles each month in 2018.

Thanks for your support!

Founder of APK


APK is dedicated to making our word a better place, and to that end, we offer you this deal:

You pledge to not use disposable water bottles this year. APK sends you a free water bottle. You drink more water and stay fluid to support your parkour training  and / or all your physical activities. Together, we keep 1,000's of disposable bottles out of our ecosystem. Everyone wins.


Stay Fluid in style, and stay green with the APK Parkour 'Stay Fluid' water bottle. Made from recycled BPA Free Plastic, this large 32 Oz bottle has no plasticky taste. The top is a screw-on-cap, with durable retainer—perfect for a biner clip to hang it from your bag. Not dishwasher safe - do not leave in car on days above 95 degrees.


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