Precision rail and Platforms

Precision rail and Platforms

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This beloved piece of Primal / Academy history came home with us after a Parkour performance for the AIBI World Boxing Championship event in Chicago in 2007. Muhammad Ali received a standing ovation from 557 boxers from around the world. 

American Parkour's performance team "The Tribe" did an incredible performance on a rotating stage with a set made form metal plyo boxes, including this piece. 

Great of training all kinds of balance, precision jumps, and landings, with the unique feature of being able to test a jump to a rail with a flat surface underneath, and then move directly to training on a rail. 

This - aside form the vault boxes form our performance with David Belle, is perhaps the most historied piece of equipment for sale. Will take any offer over $100. 

Weighs about 70 pounds, about 7-8 feet long. 

All items have pricing that will allow you to help APK's next step - focusing on equipment manufacturing. Thanks again for 14 amazing years. 

Pickup is January 27 - February 3. No refunds will be given for equipment left onsite.