Women's APK Community Russian Parkour Sweats

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Charcoal - Black
Charcoal - White
Black - White

(Please read with Russian accent in head)

Made famous by crazy Russians jumping around on and off everything in sight, APK's Russian sweats are now available for women! These super-oversized sweats allow you the room to move freely and express yourself without restrictions!

In Russia, size picks you, but because we realize our community of female trainers is rapidly growing and since women are quite obviously built differently than men, we now offer an XXL for women! You'll still get tons of leg room but the waist isn't quite as huge and will be easier to adjust to your desired fit.

These massive lightweight training sweats are available in these color combos:

  • Charcoal Sweats with Black or White Logos
  • Black Sweats with White Logos
  • Navy Blue with White Logos

All APK Sweats, Hoodies, T-Shirts, Pants, and Shorts come with our signature Embroidered Blue "P" which is handcrafted on every piece right here in Washington DC.


Love what you see but want a slight variation? Some products can be customized! Want it on a different color? Logo on the left instead of the right? Send us an email at and tell us what you're looking for. we'll let you know what we can do. Customizations starting at $5 and up based on time and materials.


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