Community Joggers

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One style does not fit all, so we are bringing a new addition to our lookbook. Introducing our first line of APK joggers.

Made of 65/35 cotton-poly French Terry, this comfy staple gives your wardrobe a relaxed vibe. They are cozy, comfortable around the waist, and tight around the ankles so they won't get in your way. In other words, they're baggy and tight in all the right places!

Chosen by the APK community to represent itself, the design was picked out of numerous quality submissions to be the symbol for this family of people who all love to move. The symbol's artist, Leon, explains his design:

"First and foremost, I designed it to look like a traceur in action. The ring around the traceur symbolizes our everlasting goal of training: we always strive to be better than we were before. We are continually progressing forward, and although there is no end in sight, we are always further along our path then before.  The use of 5 strokes within the circle represent, to me, the 5 elements that compose a balanced life: Fire, water, air, earth, spirit!"

Featuring APK's logo on the back pocket and the signature "P" embroidered in our headquarters in Washington, DC. 


Love what you see but want a slight variation? Some products can be customized! Want it on a different color or design? Logo on the left instead of the right? Send us an email at and tell us what you're looking for. We'll let you know what we can do (customization starting at $5 and up based on time and materials).


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