Climbing Wall (Free-Standing)

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Reach new heights with APK's massive free-standing Climbing Wall.

This extremely sturdy, safe, and secure structure was designed with decades of climbing experience. Perfect for children and adults alike, this Climbing Wall is 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide. It features a 15-degree overhang main wall, an 18-inch kick panel, and a wide variety of climbing holds. APK's Climbing Wall is a great addition to your yard that will last for years thanks to its weather-proof construction from durable outdoor-rated materials. Its beautiful natural wood tones are enhanced and protected with long-lasting waterproof sealant.

Save the sweating for the climbing! The entire process is easy. Our professional team of experts will:

  • Help you choose the perfect location in your yard
  • Deliver, assemble, and install it for you.
  • Set up the perfect holds tailored to your level to get you climbing. 

The high-density of durable, secure stainless steel Tee-nuts allows for greater configurability and infinite route-setting: create the perfect routes tailored to your climbing skills, from beginners all the way to advanced climbers. Enjoy the freedom of setting your own route. 

Need a better landing area? We got your back with our optional custom-fit two-piece landing mat (additional charges apply).

Available only locally, sorry (freight shipping would be really expensive).



  • 10-foot tall, 8-foot wide
  • 15 degree overhang main wall
  • 18-inch kick panel
  • Weighs approximately 500 pounds
  • Weatherproof - Made of durable outdoor-rated materials with waterproof sealant
  • All stainless steel climbing hardware
  • Includes many colorful climbing holds
  • High intensity of durable secure stainless steel Tee-nuts for greater route-configurability
  • Includes anti-tip anchors

Designed and built in Washington DC and Virginia USA by American Parkour, a fully insured builder and the leading manufacturer of professional parkour training equipment. 

Disclaimers and additional information:

  1. Please allow 1-2 weeks for production and delivery.  
  2. Available only locally - Delivery, assembly, installation included within 30 miles of Washington, DC.
  3. Customer is responsible for providing flat, level ground prior to installation. Additional charges may apply. 
  4. Customer is responsible for providing adequate landing safety via mat, mulch, or other approved method (or purchase our Climbing Wall + Landing Mat option).
  5. Customer is solely responsible for compliance with HOA and local codes.