Parkour Combat Training Pants

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"I used to use a pair of warm-up pants with zip pockets. But having my wallet, keys, and cell phone by the hip joint seriously restricted my movement. Having them by the hip/upper leg allows full range of motion. Great choices to offer at APK!"
- Daniel Handley, from

According to, if you want to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse these are the perfect pants. We also happen to know they're fantastic for parkour training.

The Combat Trainers are a military BDU standard issue pant. Six sealable pockets so you won't lose your gear, bar tacked stress points for increased durability, and adjustable waist and leg cuffs for personal customization.

These pants are tough. They will hold up to all the parkour training, urban exploration, and anything else you can throw at them.


Available in black with white logo.Sizing:

X-Small   W: 23in - 27in L: 29.5in - 32.5in
Small      W: 27in - 31in L: 29.5in - 32.5in
Medium  W: 31in - 35in L: 29.5in - 32.5in
Large      W: 35in - 39in L: 29.5in - 32.5in
X-Large  W: 39in - 43in L: 29.5in - 32.5in


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