APK Air Track PK-8

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The APK Air Track PK-8 provides the perfect combination of punch and spring to launch you predictably into your next movement, allowing you to focus on your technique. With more air time, you can perfect your movements more safely and effectively. 


    • Can be placed on the gym floor or even outside on grass!
    • Pressure is easily customized within seconds
    • Inflating and deflating is done in a single minute, it will maintain its pressure for hours, and the refill only takes seconds
    • No noise during training
    • Easy to move around the gym
    • Portable: when packed will fit on the back seat or trunk of your car.
    • Includes a 120-volt electric pump and travel bag.

    The Air Track PK-8 measures:

    • Height: 20 cm / ~8"
    • Width: 2 m / ~6.5 ft
    • Length: 8 m / ~26 ft

    * Ships directly from our manufacturing partner in China - please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery *

    "Airtrack" is a registered trademark, American Parkour is in no way associated with Sports Innovation Corp.



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