Women's APK Parkour Community Tank

  • 1900

Sports Gray - Black
Black - White

Finally, a tank for women that fits your training style as well as it fits your body! When you're training hard, you don't need spaghetti straps, you need a tank that will stay snug, but not too snug! Enter the American Parkour Women's Parkour Tank Top! This lightweight Jersey Tank is super comfy and doesn't "ride up" when you move.

American Parkour is the home of the parkour community. From the beginning, we have been run by traceurs and traceuses, for traceurs and traceuses. 


About the APK "Parkour Community" Symbol:

This symbol was created in 2008 by APK Ambassador Paul Mederos as a symbol of the community:

"First and foremost I designed it to look like a traceur in action.  The ring around the traceur symbolizes our everlasting goal of training - we always strive to be better than we were before.  We are continually progressing forward and although there is no end in sight, we are always further along our path than before.

The use of 5 strokes within the circle, representing to me the 5 elements in my life that compose a physical and spiritual part of life!"

Ring = life, 5 strokes = elements (fire, water, air, earth, spirit!)"

All tanks have our signature "P" embroidered on the left hand side, each one is done by hand, right here in Washington DC.

Available in Sports Gray with Black Logo and Black with White Logo.

Shown here in medium on Adrienne who is 5'4 and has a fit build. She usually wears a small and says to order 1 size up!

Shoes: Feiyue Original Classic White   



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