Black Parkour Band Training Kit (For athletes >180 lbs)

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Get the edge on your training with one of the few tools used in the American Parkour Academy training centers Improve your strength, mobility, agility and power with this dynamic training system. The instructional DVD's help guide you through several moves and exercises – the training applications are limitless with this versatile equipment. Work hard and watch your skills take off!


Black Parkour Training Kit includes:

(For athletes >180 lbs)

Heavy band black    

Robust band purple  

Parkour DVD            

RB DVD                  

2 Ankle grips              

2 carabiners              

Travel bag              

Training manual .pdf   


This program was designed by Travis Graves, the Program Director of American Parkour and head trainer of American Parkour Academy. Travis runs the programming for all APK affiliated gyms as well as the international Parkour Instructor Certification Program. Travis has trained groups from preschoolers to elite athletes, Wounded Warriors, and Military Special Forces. As an athlete, performer and stuntman he has appeared on Jump City, American Ninja Warrior, and has done television and live performances for K-SWISS, GameStop, Carrera Sunglasses, Cricket Mobile and more.  If you love parkour you have to check him out!


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