Ollo - Clearance

  • 4000
  • $60.00 Save $2000


Here are our remainders from some previous collections, now on sale for you! Models and sizes depend on availability: pick your size and see what Ollos are in stock for a very special price.

Note: all sales are final, no returns or exchanges, sorry.


OLLOs are developed with great Parkour and Freerunning athletes from all over the world. Their inputs and suggestions have been instrumental in shaping the outsole pattern design, degree of cushioning and the material mixture we use in our outsole compound.


OLLOs incorporates all of the following features:

• Stitched toe wrap
• Bonding agents and process
• Lasting board
• 0110 / TACTICAL Insole
• Laces
• Signature Run Everything wristband


*Ollo's cannot be shipped to Mexico due to customs regulations.


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