Instructor Certification - Early Bird Guaranteed Spot

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Our next Parkour Instructor Certification will be held in the United States mid to late summer 2022. 

90% of our certifications in the past 10 years have sold out. 

We are offering you the chance to reserve a spot for $50 which guarantees you Early Bird pricing. If you are unable to attend due to location or date, you will be given a full refund as long as you notify us at least 60 days in advance. 
We will email you as soon as the date is set to allow for adequate planning time. 

You may also pay in full in advance and get the Early-Early Bird Price.

Lead by American Parkour Master Instructor Travis Graves and American Parkour Level III Certified Instructors. 

This certification gives you confidence in your coaching and brings your coaching to the next level. In three days we cover everything from teaching skills to class management and basics of class programming. 

Early-early Bird Pricing Until 60 Days before the Finalized Date.
Early Bird Pricing Available Until 30 Days before Finalized Date.

Level II is our standard Parkour Instructor Certification. This includes Level I which covers the basics of teaching parkour movements, and goes on to be a comprehensive certification program for coaching classes in a professional environment, whether for Kid's Classes, Adult Classes, or running an entire Parkour Program.  

Level III and IV are for those looking to become APK Master Instructors, able to lead APK Workshops and Certifications. These spots are available by invitation only, if you are interested, please email Travis Graves

Recertification is available for those holding a Level II or higher American Parkour Instructor Certificate. 

Limited Spots Available:

  • 12 total spots for Level II Candidates
  • Only 2 of those may be Recertifications
  • 2 total spots for Level III Candidates
  • 1 Level IV Candidate